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Elijah School of The Prophet.com is an online Biblical Research Center that provides a resource of Biblical Studies concerned with information of a religious nature, although we are certainly not limited to religious studies in the strictest sense of the word.

Our focus encompasses information from all disciplines that will illuminate and educate the masses in our search for truth. Therein lies our principle focus: to educate and inform. Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The lack of knowledge is the reason that there are ten or more basic religious systems and, in Christianity, hundreds of warring denominations, sects, and cults. It is obvious something is wrong. Not everyone can be right but, could everyone be wrong?

Our purpose is simply to bring to you, our reader, the best, the most up-to-date, relevant information available in the various disciplines of religion, biblical studies, history, archaeology, current issues and contemporary events that will illuminate, educate and assist you in your quest for truth. Our quest is to promote believers, clergy and college students to become scholarly oriented to historical and biblical truths. The quest of the true scholar is for truth. The true scholar is one who has no “creed.” He espouses no traditions he considers so sacred that he is not willing to change or make adjustments when confronted with truth.

We are committed to delivering our educational content by means of the very latest in communications technology in order to expand the range and effectiveness of our program. Our Educational Model features dynamic interactive online articles and courses that enable us to meet the needs of our international student population with an extremely efficient and entirely student-centered learning system. Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies has been updated to a Learning Management Platform additional website elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com. We are now using the latest 3D animation software to create avatars presenting powerful course presentations with photo slides, using Prezi Presenter software, Video Productions, Wirecast7 studio and Cissco Web-EX for 3D animated Live Webinars. If you are interested in registering in our courses, simply visit elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com. We encourage our students to share in group discussions using our Common Room also known as the Chatroom, our Newsroom which is our Blog tab, both Chatroom and Blog tabs are located at the bottom of our pages on this site. Our blog page is located at elijahschooloftheprophet.com/blog. These tools enable us to meet the needs of our international student population with an extremely efficient and entirely student-centered learning system. If you would like to enroll in our free courses, we ask that you visit elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com.

Our minimal donation fee for secure online members is only an annual fee of $60.00 per year. You can purchase the secure login membership fee from the books tab on the main page on our website www.elijahschooloftheprophet.com.

Your contributions can assure that Elijah School of the Prophet.com work not only will continue, but can be greatly expanded. Elijah School of The Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies is as a 501 © 3 non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Army of God Church In Christ Inc. The Army of God Church In Christ Inc. and the Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies aka ( Elijah School of the Prophet.com) is directed and solely-owned by Dr. Reese Powell PhD. Although most scholars associated with Elijah School of the Prophet.com have legitimate earned degrees, it does not mean that we believe ourselves to be infallible. Those things we believe, or espouse, today may be discarded, changed, or modified in view of additional information, archaeological finds, or scientific discoveries.

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About Dr. Reese Powell PhD.

Dr. Reese L. Powell Sr. PhD is the founder and overseer of The Army of God Church In Christ Inc. He is also the President and Dean of the Elijah School of The Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies, which is an online internet service that provides a library of Biblical Studies, Archaeology, Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Parallelisms in Rabbinic Literature with an in-depth view of the Synoptic Gospels and Prophetic Ministry. Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies is an international, Trans-denominational, multi-ethnic, and interracial networking organization that serves as an educational resource to the Christian Church, Seminaries and Universities.

Dr.Reese Powell Sr. is the author of five books: The Elijah Prophetic Ministry Manual, The Eagle Eye Prophet, Letters of Fire, Our Lord Reigns and The Eternal Flame Numerology of Redemption. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Master Degree in Divinity, Doctorate in Divinity and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Family Bible Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland. He also completed training in Biblical Hebrew Grammar I & II, from Arlington Baptist College and Modern Ulpan Hebrew and Advanced Hebrew Grammar from Baltimore Hebrew University in Baltimore, Maryland, for which he received certifications for completion. He later became a Professor of Hebrew teaching at various Bible Colleges, Seminaries and Universities in Maryland and West Virginia.

Dr.Reese Powell also completed intense courses involving the Jewish Roots of Christianity, Paul the Jewish Theologian, Jesus and the Torah, the Parables of Jesus from a Hebraic perspective, Early Christianity and its Sacred Literature and Aspects of Rabbinic Theology by Dean-Professor Dwight Pryor at the Center Of Judaic Christian Studies Research Center in Dayton, Ohio. He is also a member of the Center of Judaic Christian Studies Research in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Reese Powell also completed a semester course of Bible Archaeology at the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel. He worked with archaeologist in diggings of ancient ruins in Jerusalem and Jordon. He has journeyed in field trips to various geographical sites, such as the Benjamin field study covering the Northern Shephelah open valleys and their difficulties, the Bethel Plateau, The Wilderness, Jordan Rift Valley, The Hill Country of Judah, Northern Coastal Plain and Galilee. Wilderness of Judah, Western Shore of the Dead Sea and the Dead Scrolls of the Qumran Caves Field Study. The Jordan Field Study involved areas such as the Decapolis City of Gerasa/Jerash, Mount Nebo and the Capital of the Nabatean Kingdom and Hades Gate. While in the Field study he was taught how to read Maps concerning the sites and view the scriptures for its biblical precedence. While attending the University he has completed courses involving Archaeological Periods in Israel such as Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) (Neolithic (New Stone Age) Iron Age 1000 – 925 B.C.E. (The United Monarchy)-David conquers Jerusalem to when Solomon builds the first Temple. The Babylonian period: Judah in Exile 586 – 539 B.C.E., Persian period through Early Hellenistic to Late Hellenistic period 332 -37 B.C.E., Early Roman Period through Byzantine Period. He also received certification for the completion of these courses.

Dr. Reese Powell is a Jerusalem Perspective online member of a consortorium of scholars at the Jerusalem School Of Synoptic Research Center in Jerusalem, Israel. He corresponds with the Jerusalem Synoptic Research Center investigating Hebrew idioms and Hebrew parallelism in New Testament and Old Testament Studies.

He is now investigating Aramaic and Egyptian hieroglyphic writings on Ostracas (potsherds containing ancient writings) in a research correspondence study course with Dr. David Bivin of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research Center in Jerusalem, Israel.

Also he is a member of Restoration Foundation an organization dedicated to restoring Christian faith to our Hebrew Roots, exploring the Life of Jesus. This organization is founded by Dr. John Garr PhD, dean of the Hebraic Heritage Christian Center in Atlanta Georgia.

Also Dr.Powell studied at the Christian International Prophetic Network in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida under Bishop Bill Hamon. He studied Advanced Prophetic Ministry and received certification upon completion. For the past twenty five years he has been advancing his studies in the Hebraic and Prophetic literature.

Dr.Powell’s teaching ministry is unique in that it combines excellent scholarship with intense spirituality and personal integrity. An academician with a Pastor’s heart, he is able to contextualize biblical truths in terms that laypersons can understand. He challenges believers to a biblically-sound, Christ centric faith, grounded in the Hebraic and Prophetic heritage of Jesus and the Apostles, while at the same time introducing Bible Archaeology.

As a profound international conference and seminar presenter, he is conducting seminars on Jewish roots of the Christian Faith, Rabbinic Parables of Jesus, Understanding parallelisms of the Greek and Hebrew languages in the Pauline Epistles, Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Eschatology, Bible Archeology and Understanding Prophetic Ministry and many others throughout the East Coast and elsewhere.


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